WHITE PICKET AMERICA features 40 color images by Rodrigo Ramos produced as a visual social commentary. The images address the collapse of the American Dream. As a first generation college student with immigrant parents, my romanticized perspective is a direct result of my imagination at an early age combined with the pressure to succeed. 


8.5"x11" Premium Magazine with a semi-gloss cover and vibrant printing on matte, velvet-finish paper. View "Printing" for more info.


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Designed by Rodrigo.

Sequenced by Christine Pia & Rodrigo.



Coming from an immigrant family, it’s all about putting food on the table.


As a Mexican American, I am the product of two cultures with pressures on both sides. On one hand, there’s a pressure to be more Mexican while on the other, there’s a pressure to be more American by assimilating into American customs. The driving force behind this assimilation, is the idea of simply ‘getting a stable job and buying a nice home.’


White Picket America is a way for me to visually interpret the way I imagined the American Dream through the lens of my identities. With that being said, this perspective is not limited to children of immigrants and extends to those who have experienced severe pressure to succeed due to familial or generational hardships.